Monday, June 13, 2016


It's hard to blog when you have so much to say but you just can't find the words anymore. I'll admit, studying law has limited the words I used to express myself. But, the good thing is that my legal vocabulary has increased in its capacity (yipee doo!) but it's not really that helpful when it comes to blogging (yipee boo..).

Today is one of those could've-been-better-but-not-really days. I've been sitting in my library for the past three hours and the only things I've achieved are:
  1. I've had lunch;
  2. I turned on my laptop to listen to Spotify; and
  3. I slept for the next two hours, drooling on myself.
Any progress is good progress, I must say. I could be in my room, watching Youtube while falling asleep. But I get to do this in public. Progress!

It's been hard to find motivation to study for my coming finals. I mean, c'mon, technically, I've been studying for eight semesters already and any reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities would find that studying for 4 years is frankly, too much studying. And I still have a year left until I'm done with law school. 

Seriously, I can't wait to be done with law school. Just release me from your tight clutches, law! 

On another note, I'm sure everyone is excited to hear about the tall tales of my pretty cool life! Stories about how I saw a fine gentleman across the room and how I sashayed myself towards him, while his eyes were glistening with admiration. Or how I fought with a shark by peeing on it, proving I am of the superior species. 

What am I even talking about.

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